A feminist a day

Suffragette_posterInspired by the truly inspiring upcoming film Suffragette and the recent documentary She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry, I looked a few online lists of ‘famous feminists’ and was disheartened.

It was dominated by modern women, who no doubt identify as feminists (and all power to them) – Beyonce, Coco Chanel, Diane Von Furstenberg. These women are powerful, inspiring, no doubt, but what about the feminists who played a role in the advancement of women in society?

Who were the women who won us the vote, got us The Pill, protected our right to an abortion, to healthcare, to participate in education, government and public life?

For the month of October, I want to celebrate A Feminist a Day – highlight one amazing woman who we have to thank for some of the freedoms we enjoy today.

I want to live in a world where girls grow up knowing names like Emmeline Pankhurst, Mary Wollstonecraft and Vida Goldstein, and more importantly, what they did.

Look for the first fabulous feminist in early October.

Let’s hope A Feminist a Day will keep the patriarchy away.

A feminist a day

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