Gender super gap widens? Whaaa?

An alarming new statistic has emerged today – the gender gap in superannuation has widened.

Men’s super balances are $150,000, compared to $80,000 for women, but this is WORSE than it was in 2011/12, when it was $107,000 for women and $65,000 for women. I really don’t know why the woman in this article is smiling.

This, to me, is the pointy end of women’s equality. We’re talking about women and poverty, basically. This is what years and years of pay inequality, women not going for promotions, women being overlooked for promotions, women giving up work to care for children or elderly relatives and myriad other factors…looks like. It’s a heck of a big penalty.

Stuff happens in life – people divorce, partners die, jobs get lost. You can’t always rely on someone else’s income to sustain you in retirement.

While the wheel of feminism (slowly) propels us forward, it seems in areas like this, we’re taking a few steps back and it’s alarming.

Gender super gap widens? Whaaa?

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