A Feminist a Day: Laura Pintur

Who is she?

Laura PinturLaura Pintur is a 23-year-old graphic designer who earlier this year successfully led an online campaign to get ‘lad mag’ Zoo Weekly taken off supermarket shelves.

Laura started the petition on Change.org in May (co-sponsored by anti-porn group Collective Shout) this year and by August, the mag had been taken off shelves at Coles (it’s still on sale at Woolworths).

She had help from an anonymous female 20-year-old Coles worker, who wrote to her union to complain that having the mag on sale created an unsafe work culture.

Zoo Weekly’s publisher Bauer Media announced in September that the magazine would fold, blaming “tough retail conditions in the men’s market”.

Why should we thank her?

In case you’re thinking this is all a bit of hoo-ha over a natty little mag, think again. Among Zoo’s gems of advice for influential young readers: ‘If the object of your affection is drinking, that’s already a point in your favour… you want to pick the “loosest/skankiest” one of the lot and fetch her a drink…separate her from the flock. You’re off alone, boozed-up and charming — these are three green lights!’

That’s not encouraging rape culture at all.

It’s also offered the prize of a boob job in a reader competition, and once called for Australia’s “hottest asylum seeker”. Classy.

The point is, this stuff normalises really dangerous attitudes towards women and if it’s on sale at places where families shop, like supermarkets, I think that’s really irresponsible.

Best quote

“What chance does the younger generation have when they are being fed a diet of soft porn and the abuse, sexualisation, and objectification of women has become so normalised.”

A Feminist a Day: Laura Pintur

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