A Feminist a Day: Destroy the Joint

Who are they?

counting dead womenDestroy the Joint is a Facebook community of feminists in Australia who highlight sexist incidents in the media and society and lobby to effect change. The term was coined initially as a Twitter hashtag by advertising guru and writer Jane Caro after comments from shock jock Alan Jones that women in political power were “destroying the joint”.

The name stuck and Destroy the Joint is now a massive force – its Facebook community (which is run by Jenna Price and others, and now numbers 72,000) lobbied advertisers to boycott Jones’ radio network, and did the same more recently in response to a sexist radio competition on Fox FM.

DTJ also runs a Counting Dead Women tally on its Facebook page (we’re up to 69 this year, by the way), which serves as a stark reminder of the women killed in Australia.

Why should we thank them?

For rallying a new force in Australian grassroots feminism. DTJ is an active and strong voice in the Australian media landscape.

Violence against women in Australia has an unprecedented level of community and Government support and I believe Counting Dead Women has been a major factor in ensuring the issue maintains public prominence. For an issue that used to be ‘hidden’, Counting Dead Women ensures that it remains well and truly in the public eye.

Best quote

“Australians are exhausted from Counting Dead Women.” -Jenna Price




A Feminist a Day: Destroy the Joint

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