A Feminist a Day: Kaz Cooke

Who is she?

KAZ-COOKEKaz Cooke is an Australian writer, journalist, cartoonist and former radio host who is best known for her bible of pregnancy, Up the Duff. 

She’s pretty much our country’s best advisor for women and girls on all things body, beauty, preganancy and, as she calls it, kidwrangling. She has written incredible books for girls negotiating the teenage years (Girl Stuff) and women negotiating health and life (Women’s Stuff).

But arguably her best book (and my favourite) is Real Gorgeous. It’s the honest-to-heck truth about the body and beauty industry. Believe me, you won’t ever think of any beauty product in the same way again. Moisturisers and anti-wrinkle creams? Don’t work.  Elastin, collagen, liposomes? HA! This book totally changed my life. It will also save you a fortune.

Why should we thank her?

Kaz has given two generations of Australian women and girls the most sensible, wonderful (and often hilarious) advice on their health and wellbeing. Most of us wouldn’t have survived pregnancy, childbirth and parenting without Kaz.

Best quote

“‘I’m not a feminist,’ some women say sternly as they march off to work where equal opportunity legislation protects them … Women who say they are not feminists and act like individuals with basic human rights have just got their terminology wrong.”


A Feminist a Day: Kaz Cooke

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