A Feminist a Day: Roxanne Gay

Who is she?

140804_DX_RoxGay.jpeg.CROP.promo-mediumlargeRoxanne Gay is an American writer, blogger and commentator. Her 2014 book “Bad Feminist” was a worldwide bestseller. She is a feminist who talks about the fact that she is a “bad feminist” because she doesn’t live up to the perfect model of feminism – as she says, she watches The Bachelor and listens to rap music. More seriously, she says that the movement has excluded working class women, black women and transgender women.

Why should we thank her?

Roxanne advocates for equal rights for women and, therefore, she IS a feminist. But her voice is a vital one because she points out that not all feminists are the same, and think alike. The movement is a broad church and should be an inclusive one.

Best quote

“Maybe I’m a bad feminist, but I am deeply committed to the issues important to the feminist movement.”

*Here’s a great TED talk by Roxanne Gay.



A Feminist a Day: Roxanne Gay

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