A Feminist a Day: Virginia Woolf

Who is she?

woolfVirginia Woolf was an English writer and member of the famed Bloomsbury set. She wrote novels including Orlando, Mrs Dalloway and To The Lighthouse.

In 1929 she wrote the landmark book-length essay, A Room of One’s Own, which questioned the restrictions women faced in society – their access to money and education, and their dependence on men.

She suffered from bi-polar disorder and ultimately took her own life by filling her pockets with stones and drowning in the Ouse River.

Why should we thank her?

In her work, Virginia articulates the idea that women need not only a physical space of their own, but a political and cultural one. She highlighted how women had been kept from writing due to relative poverty. To write or create art, women needed financial freedom and personal liberty.  A Room of One’s Own is a critical examination of the marginalisation of women and its influence is far reaching.

Best quote

“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.”



A Feminist a Day: Virginia Woolf

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