A Feminist a Day: Dr Lorna Lloyd-Green

Who is she?

lornaDr Lorna Lloyd-Green was a pioneering woman in Australian medicine, founding an internationally-renowned fertility clinic at Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Hospital. Lorna ran the clinic for 25 years, before it became the IVF Clinic at Monash.

She was a strong advocate for breastfeeding and was the first medical advisor to the Nursing Mothers’ Association (now the Australian Breastfeeding Association).

Lorna was also a strong advocate of equal pay for women in the medical profession and encouraged training for women to give them the skills they needed to apply for senior positions.

She was the first woman fellow of the Australian Medical Association and a foundation fellow of the Australian College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Later in life, she studied music therapy and played twice weekly for palliative care patients.

Why should we thank her?

Lorna helped advance the position of female doctors and assisted other women to get ahead in the medical profession.

She also delivered thousands of babies (I know a few of them) and helped countless women with fertility issues and obstetric health.



A Feminist a Day: Dr Lorna Lloyd-Green

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