A Feminist a Day: Amy Poehler

Who is she?

amy pAmy Poehler is an American actress and comedian who most starred in the series Parks and Recreation and famously co-hosted the Golden Globes with the equally-fabulous Tina Fey.

Amy has stridently defended the use of the word ‘feminist’ in an age when so many of her contemporaries are backing away from the term. Her book Yes Please is also up there with Caitlin Moran’s How to Be a Woman as a modern, practical feminist classic.

She also runs the incredibly cool YouTube channel, website and Facebook page Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, an online community to engage and encourage young women to be their best. Recently, the Smart Girls community encouraged reporters to ask female celebs more intelligent questions on the Emmys red carpet, under the hashtag #SmartGirlsAsk.

Best quote

“It takes years as a woman to unlearn what you have been taught to be sorry for. It takes years to find your voice and your real estate.”

A Feminist a Day: Amy Poehler

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