A Feminist a Day: Jean Hailes

Who is she?

Jean-Halies1Jean Hailes was a pioneering Australian doctor who founded the first women’s health clinic in Australia dedicated to menopause.

She was one of the first doctors in Australia to speak publicly about menopause and women’s health issues at a time when few spoke out about it. She was passionate about the importance of a mother’s health on the family as a whole.

Jean was concerned about other doctors’ attitudes to what they deemed minor health matters brought to them by menopausal women and travelled to the US to research hormone treatments.

Returning to Australia, Jean established several medical clinics dedicated to treating menopausal women and was met with an overwhelming response. She continued to push for support in mainstream medicine for research into the health of older women.

Why should we thank her?

At a time when older women’s health issues clearly weren’t being taken seriously by doctors, Jean pushed for menopausal women’s health to be properly researched and treated by the medical profession. Until Jean’s intervention, ‘middle aged’ women’s health issues were swept under the carpet and not spoken about.

Today, Jean Hailes for Women’s Health is a national, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving women’s knowledge about their health throughout various stages in their life.

Best quote 

“If a woman is in good health, her family, community and the society around her also benefit.”

A Feminist a Day: Jean Hailes

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