A Feminist a Day: Lucy-Anne Holmes

Who is she?

Lucy-Ann HolmesLucy-Anne Holmes is a British actress and writer who started a campaign to end The Sun’s publication of topless “page three girls”.

Lucy-Anne started the campaign in 2012 with a petition asking then-editor Dominic Mohan to remove the page three girls. The petition gathered 215,000 signatures in three years. The campaign also targeted Rupert Murdoch with Twitter messages and lobbied Lego not to advertise in the newspaper (they stopped).

The campaign also targeted supermarket newspaper displays, asking for them to be redesigned so kids could not see sexually graphic content – this was implemented by UK supermarket chains Tesco and Waitrose.

Lucy-Anne won her fight and since January 2015, there have been no page three girls in The Sun (though they’re still available online apparently).

Why should we thank her?

For highlighting just one of the ways that ‘casual sexism’ that pervades our society in so many ways. The fact that for so many years, the British public just accepted topless photos of women in a daily newspaper, as part of their daily life is deplorable. Lucy-Anne was pilloried as a ‘killjoy’ and (ha) ‘jealous’ by many detractors, but won out in the end.

Now, if we in Melbourne could turn out attention to those huge “Schnitz n’ Tits” signs everywhere….

Best quote

“We’re hearing about 15-year-old girls who have been walking down the school corridor and their boobs are being graded out of 10 compared with the model on the page. They’re not buying it. The mother who walks into a cafe and has to explain to her six-year-old daughter why there’s a naked woman in The Sun? She’s not buying it. The paper isn’t bought and read in isolation, and we all have to live in a society that says ‘shut up and get your tits out’.”


A Feminist a Day: Lucy-Anne Holmes

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