A Feminist a Day: Betty Ford

Who is she?

betty fordBetty Ford was the wife of US President Gerald Ford and used her First Lady status to speak out about many social issues.

She’s perhaps best known for the addiction treatment centre that bears her name – the Betty Ford Clinic. Betty co-founded the clinic in 1982 after her own battle with alcohol and drug addiction.

Betty raised awareness for breast cancer after undergoing a mastectomy in 1974 and she was a passionate supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment. She was pro-choice on the abortion issue and famously commented on many social issues, including sex, drugs, abortion and equal pay.

Why should we thank her?

For being an extremely outspoken First Lady. Remember that she was a Republican, so speaking out about issues like abortion is pretty amazing, let alone the fact that she was pro-choice.

Best quote

“I have an independent streak. It’s hard to tell and an independent woman what to do.”



A Feminist a Day: Betty Ford

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