A Feminist a Day: Kavita Krishnan

Who is she?

Kavita Krishnan, women MPsKavita Krishnan is Secretary of the All India Progressive Women’s Association, who publicised the issue of violence against women following a 2012 Delhi gang rape.

Kavita was one of the most influential activists during massive anti-rape protests that followed the rape and murder of a 23-year-old girl in India’s capital, New Delhi.

The incident sparked international attention and led to the Indian government passing an anti-rape law giving tougher sentences to rapists and death sentences to repeat offenders. The law also tackled stalking and acid attacks against women.

The protests had a ripple effect across the country and led to politicians putting women on the political agenda and igniting feminist debate.

Kavita’s demand for “freedom without fear” became a rallying point for anti-rape protesters.

Why should we thank her?

Without Kavita and her unwavering commitment to the issue of violence against women, the laws in India may not have changed for the better.

Best quote

“Rape cases have been increasing for a long time. One factor is the patriarchal backlash to women’s increased assertion. We need to recognise that rape is an act of power — an assertion of patriarchal power.”


A Feminist a Day: Kavita Krishnan

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