A Feminist a Day: Kim Gordon

Who is she?

kim gordonKim Gordon is best known as the bass player in alternative rock band Sonic Youth. She was also married to the band’s lead singer, Thurston Moore.

Kim formed Sonic Youth in 1981 with Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo and made 16 studio albums over the space of their career. They disbanded in 2011.

As well as her career with Sonic Youth, Kim worked as a producer (on Hole’s debut record Pretty on the Inside). She also co-directed possibly the best music video ever – Breeders’ Cannonball. Kim is also a visual artist and curator, exhibiting all over the world, created a clothing company called X-Girl and has appeared in movies and TV series, including Girls.

In 2011, Kim and Thurston separated, after he had an extra-marital affair. She also revealed that during the divorce, she had been treated for breast cancer.

Why should we thank her?

Kim is an inspiration to any girl who wants to be in a rock band. She’s influenced women in music and art, including Sofia Coppola and Kathleen Hanna, who said “she was a forerunner, musically. Just knowing a woman was in a band trading lead vocals, playing bass, and being a visual artist at the same time made me feel less alone.”

Kim, along with women like the Deal sisters and Bjork, were formidable music icons – strong, uncompromising rock and roll women. Wish there were more like them around for young women today.

Best quote

“In general…women aren’t allowed to be kick-ass…at the end of the day, women are expected to hold up the world, not annihilate it.”

A Feminist a Day: Kim Gordon

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