A Feminist a Day: Lisa Simpson

Who is she?

lisa simpsonLisa Simpson is Bart Simpson’s eight-year-old saxophone-playing, political tub-thumping, pony-loving little sister.

Despite her young age, she’s a pretty active feminist – she protested the sexist ridiculousness of Malibu Stacy, creating her own inspirational doll called Lisa Lionheart.

She’s also coached Bart’s little league baseball team like a boss and she grows up to be the President in an episode set in the future (wouldn’t that be ace?). When Marge tells her that she won’t find a husband if she keeps being so sarcastic, she replies with “all right, no husband”.

And when Lisa’s school becomes segregated, and the girls’ side refuses to teach STEM subjects, she dresses up as a boy so that she can get a proper education in the boys’ side of the school.

Why should we thank her?

Lisa has possibly done more for feminism than most real people. She is unrelenting in sticking up for women’s rights and isn’t afraid to take on the big end of town. Her political activism is an inspiration for all girls and women. Plus she does a rockin’ version of Proud Mary.

Best quote 

“Millions of girls will grow up thinking that this is the right way to act….that they can never be more than vacuous ninnies whose only goal is to look pretty, land a rich husband, and spend all day on the phone with their equally vacuous friends talking about how damn terrific it is to look pretty and have a rich husband!”

A Feminist a Day: Lisa Simpson

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