A Feminist a Day: Lisa Robinson

Who is she?

lisa-robinsonLisa Robinson is a British civil servant who publicly confronted sexist louts on a Cardiff train in 2010, making news headlines.

The then 41-year-old was travelling with her husband and young son when around 30 football fans started yelling sexist abuse at a woman on a platform.

Instead of ignoring it, Lisa confronted the men, but they turned on her with obscene insults. She then pulled on the handle to try and stop the train, but the driver ignored her, leaving her and her family trapped on the train with the abusive louts.

When the train arrived at the next station, Lisa asked the driver to call police, but again, he refused.

So she climbed down onto the tracks and refused to move until police were called – despite the fact that people abused her during the whole process.

Police were eventually called, and the train service was terminated. A subsequent investigation by British Transport Police resulted in no action being taken.

Why should we thank her?

All women can relate to being on the receiving end of sexist taunts and comments. Lisa not only stood up to a train-full of bullies, she stood up to an unresponsive system AND stopped an actual train.

Her actions are a reminder that it’s not only the politicians who can make a difference – it’s the small acts of defiance that can make a huge impact and inspire others. What a legend.

Best quote 

“We’re not going to be bullied and certainly for women and families, they should be able to travel on the train in peace and quiet and go about their business without being bullied like that.”


A Feminist a Day: Lisa Robinson

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