A Feminist a Day: Ina Higgins

Who is she?

ina higginsFrances Higgins, known as “Ina” was a horticulturist, landscape architect and feminist – she was the first female landscape architect in Victoria.

Ina enrolled at the Burnley Horticultural College in Melbourne after the director of the college allowed women into the institution. She became a professional landscape architect and a political activist, and was vocal about women joining the profession.

Ina was also the secretary of the United Council for Women’s Suffrage from 1894.

After WW1, Ina was involved in the cooperative women’s farm, The Women’s Rural Industries Co. Ltd, in Mordialloc. Noted feminists like Adela Pankhurst and Vida Goldstein were also involved in the farm.

The idea of the farm was to support women who wanted to work outside the home and not depend on men for their livelihood – but didn’t want to necessarily work as servants or in factories.

Why should we thank her?

As the first female landscape architect, Ina broke new ground (literally) for women in her field and paved the way for women to follow her. Her work with the women’s farm was also groundbreaking for its time and helped teach many women new skills


A Feminist a Day: Ina Higgins

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