A Feminist a Day: Ai-jen Poo

Who is she?

220px-Ai_Jen_Poo_2012_Shankbone_2Ai-jen Poo has been called the “Norma Rae of Nannies” – she is the director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance.

She began organising domestic workers in 1996, outraged at their working conditions, which is often poorly paid with no benefits.  Ai-jen founded the Domestic Workers United, which in 2010 was instrumental in passing a Domestic Workers Bill of Rights into law in New York state. It was the first law to guarantee domestic workers basic labor protections such as overtime pay, paid leave, and legal protections from harassment and discrimination.

Why should we thank her?

Most domestic workers in the US are women, and many are poorly paid, with few rights. Ai-jen has been the national voice for these women and is working at the coalface to improve their lives.

Best quote 

“We [women] are the majority of the population, majority of the electorate, majority of the workforce… and yet we’re still doing majority of family unpaid or low paid labor. And we live longer. Our stuff is not “special interest” stuff. Our stuff is the stuff of the future, of the whole.”

A Feminist a Day: Ai-jen Poo

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