A Feminist a Day: Lena Dunham

Who is she?

lenaLena Dunham is a writer, producer and star of her own TV show, Girls. She also wrote a personal memoir, called Not That Kind of Girl.

Lena broke through with a semi-autobiographical film called Tiny Furniture, which caught the eye of TV network HBO, and gave her the chance to make her own show, Girls. She stars as neurotic New York would-be writer Hannah.

Lena has drawn praise for the show’s depiction of women, sex and nudity in a frank and honest way. She also speaks widely about feminism and is one of the newer voices of the movement.

She has since gone onto start her own online feminist newsletter,Lenny, which has featured a piece by Jennifer Lawrence on equal pay in Hollywood and interviews with Gloria Steinem and Hillary Clinton. The site also has a cool feminist shop.

Why should we thank her?

Lena is one of the new public voices of feminism – she will no doubt inspire many young women and girls to think about their lives and choices. She’s also a famous woman who’s done more than just be a TV star  – her website Lenny is a fantastic new publication about feminism.

Best quote

“We’re going to be compensated fairly for our jobs, we’re going to be given the opportunity to make choices about our bodies and we’re going to be safe.”


A Feminist a Day: Lena Dunham

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