A Feminist a Day: Rose Scott

Who is she?

rose scottRose Scott was a was an Australian women’s rights activist who advocated for women’s suffrage in the late 19th century.

Rose held weekly ‘salons’ at her Sydney home, and became well known among politicians writers and philanthropists. She investigated the working hours of young shop girls, which led to the drafting of a Bill that became the early closing act of 1899.

Rose also advocated for the appointment of women inspectors in factories and shops and for better conditions for female prisoners, which were all implemented. She also worked to raise the age of consent to 16, which was achieved in 1910, and worked to improve the legal rights of mothers. She did, however, object to the militant acts of the English suffragettes.

Why should we thank her?

Rose worked to improve the rights of women for her entire life, and her efforts brought real change for many Australian women in the early 20th century.

Best quote

“Life is too short to waste on the admiration of one man.”

A Feminist a Day: Rose Scott

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