A Feminist a Day: Anne Summers

anne summers

Who is she?

Anne Summers is a writer, a political adviser, activist and now publisher. She founded the Women’s Liberation Movement and helped set up Australia’s first women’s refuge, called ‘Elsie‘.

She went on to write the seminal book Damned Whores and God’s Police, won a Walkley Award, was editor in chief of Ms magazine in New York and was head of the Office of the Status of Women under the Keating Labor Government.

Why should we thank her?

Women-run refuges for a start. Before Elsie, there were few places for women and their children to go if they’d been victims of family violence.  Damned Whores and God’s Police remains THE landmark document of women’s history in Australia. More recently she’s highlighted the misogynistic treatment of Julia Gillard in her book, The Misogyny Factor,

Fun fact

Summers used to edit the Good Weekend and now runs her own magazine, Anne Summers Reports.

*Want to read more about Elsie? This is a great yarn.

A Feminist a Day: Anne Summers

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